New norm in invitation wording. We are covering all bases!

We are getting creative and thinking out of the box with the new norm we all face. As an invitation designer, my greatest success is always that the guests actually got the right info to be able to show up at the right time and be in the right place!
The look and style of an invitation is always important but the accuracy of information delivered is of utmost importance. In these uncertain times we are going forward with a new approach to covering all bases. Creative wording indicating a potential date change is something we are doing these days. We follow up with an request for the best way to contact your guests in case you have to enact the postponement.

you may need a do over! CHANGE the date notices!!

In these uneasy, stressful times we learn to change and adapt. Life is worth celebrating, the date is not important, just that we do!
I have already reached out to my clients with upcoming parties but if anyone else that has something planned needs some help communicating the change of date, I’m happy to provide complimentary digital images to send the news in style!
If there is a way I can help please let me know. #savethedate#changethedate#reschedule#eventplanners#mitzvah