Don’t forget to say “Thank You!” and here’s a deal to get you started



Happy New Year Gal Pals!

Resolution #1 – Get those Thank You notes written

Resolution #2 – Stay in touch with our friends (Yes! With a real letter!)

Resolution #3 – Save Money

Resolution #4 – Lose Weight

Design-her Gals can make make all these happen. It’s fast, easy and 25% off!! 


and get 25% off on our stationery products

(offer expires midnight Sunday, January 6th)

You can also have 25% off our other “oh so cute” items (to do lists – memos in a bag – etc)  too!! 

Get Started Now!   And if you wonder about the losing weight part — that’s easy too.    Your Gal can look any way you want her to!

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