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CAMP ESSENTIAL #2… PILLOWS… and today’s tip

Getting ready for camp or just lining up the visiting day goodies, maybe you need your signature gift for a birthday gift… PILLOWS are essential, scented, write on, microbead, take your pick, in stock and ready to go!

TIP: sneak this in the trunk gift wrapped for a surprise for your camper!  We do this every year for our kids, we have boys so it’s anything from miachis back in the day to baseball cards, these great ball shaped autograph pillows, as they get older it seems to be nike elite socks or even a jersey.  Just a surprise that brightens their unpacking process and a little hug from home. For the girls this one is slam dunk! For boys, the s’mores pillow or the sports balls are a huge hit!

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Sporty girl note cards… or pad sets if you like.

She loves sports but has a girly side too, whatever her style, show off her personality in these note cards especially for her.  They can be made in note pads if you prefer or a folded note, lots of options!  Perfect for thank you notes or camp. Any sport, they can be made with lacrosse sticks, beach ball, jacks, football or anything you want!

Celebrate her stylish sporty side!
Celebrate her stylish sporty side!