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Camp Essential #3… In full packing mode now, don’t forget key items

Camp Essential #3… In full packing mode now, goggles – check! sunblock – check! an extra set of sheets – check!

So, you’re ready, right… yup, you got this… done it before perhaps? or just newbie perfect? What could you be missing?

We’re here to help! THE BAGS!!

Whether your child is going to sleep away or day camp or staying home for the summer and hopping from sleepover to sleepover, these handy bags will suit all their needs.

The weekender, the tote, the cosmetics bag and the lunch sacks.

Tip of the day: Perfect for the bus ride up to camp to hold their lunch, their essentials for entertainment as they replace memories of home with those of the summer to come. They need a bag to schlep those last minute things that didn’t make it into the trunk!!  If you camper will be going out of camp on a trip a weekender bag is essential.  Cosmetic bags and lunch bags a must as well for storing food, makeup, toiletries, wet bathing suits.

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camp blast bags

Making camp prep easy! Essentials for the packing list.

We’ll be featuring Great camp essentials and gift ideas from now until visiting day, tune in here or our facebook page for the latest on the list and start checking off. Maybe you know someone going off to camp for the first time, a little care package BEFORE they leave will get them excited!!!

Here’s a Camp Essential #1: Everyone’s got dirty laundry… this adorable laundry bag comes with a sock bag too which is essential for organization.

TIP: send the clean socks up to came in the sock bag, it is a handy way of keeping them in one place and tell your camper to hang it on the end of their bed or a hook, easy access + clean socks = everyone wins!

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