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Vote for Small Fry!!!

Thrilled to announce…

I have been named to the final round of voting for Best of Westchester by Westchester Magazine, your vote could help me win!

Please vote for me 

WEDDINGS: Wedding Invitations: https://bestof.westchestermagazine.com/weddings/wedding-invitations

Please fill out at least 5 categories, so please browse for your favorites. 

Thank you!!!

Drum roll please…. A Small Fry Press design is Luscious Verde’s Hot Card of the Day!!!

Luscious Verde's Hot Card of the Day
Luscious Verde’s Hot Card of the Day

For those of us in the paper business there are a few glimmering moments that we strive to attain. One of which is impressing the creative icons of this industry and it looks like we’ve done it!! (It’s our 2nd of 4 nods at Hot Card of the day) and it might as well be The Academy Award of invitations. With that said, we thank LVC for the inspiration and recognition!!! 

Mazel Tov to Miranda and her wonderful family.






PRETTY PERFECT PICK!!! fun bright chevron is just begging you to write!!!

We love this one!! Fresh, fun, bright, springy, happy… This will make a camper want to write home more.  It will put a smile on the face of a favorite teacher.  It will make anyone that takes a pen to it… an instant fashionista.  So, next time you want to say thank you or share a thought, don’t just tweet it, write it.  Taking the time to write a personal note is much more appreciated and it shows you care.  So, happy writing!!! This and other eye catching designs available right now!!! CLICK HERE to start shopping.

We’re shedding our old design, picking a new one, help us out!

What colors would you like to see us use on our site redesign?

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We’re redesigning our site. We’ve been brown/blue and brown/pink for a while now, looking for a fresh new look.

Weigh in, and let us know your preference!