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Camp Essential #5… Sending letters to your camper, fun stationery they’ll love to open!

Camp Essential #5… Writing to your camper and keeping it fun and light!  I’ve heard all those moms that say they write to their to camper everyday, and I used to be pretty good about writing a fair amount to my kids, until the year I unpacked my son to find UNOPENED letters!!! How does this happen??? Isn’t so excited to get a letter from home? Doesn’t he just live for that mail hand out each day?  OK, boys will boys and he just didn’t get to it, I guess that means he was having fun.  I got wise to it and told him you never know when I may sneak a surprise in the next letter so he better open it.  Then I stopped writing on the boring notepad in the kitchen that usually is the canvas for the weekly shopping list, this leads me to the tip of the day…

Tip of the day:  keep if fun, light and interactive!  What camper wants to receive a letter from home on a boring piece of notebook paper? Send them a fun card like these, with an interactive element like scratch off game, they can play tic tac toe with a friend, or do a word find.  Pick up a pack of these fun die cut cards and send them to your kids, the neighbor’s kids and nieces and nephews.  The chipwich is a fan favorite, the retro nod with the etch-a-sketch is popular as well.

Shop for stationery single cards and packages of cards to send to your camper: click HERE

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